From S, who received it from Sharon C, who crafted this. And whom have both been engaged with the deep reflection around labour, and life. And is worth posting. For absent-minded moments.

Rules for work

  1. Listen to your body. Sleep and eat well. Ask: What is the meaning of work if you sacrifice these basic conditions of well-being?
  2. Exercise everyday to remember your body. Moving your body is part of working well.
  3. Be aware of when you are distracted, what is driving the distraction, the how and the why. Ask: What is your body doing/feeling when you distract yourself?
  4. Read, write and draw everyday. [or make some music]
  5. Work with time, not against it. Let time do the work only it can do.
  6. Do no compare yourself to others. Master yourself, strive to be a little better everyday.
  7. Be gentle with yourself, it has direct impact on how gentle you are with others.
  8. Take the time to celebrate at the end of each task. No matter how big and small. Signal to the body, you can let go now, and make space for something new.
  9. Pay attention to how you are being accountable to each other in your work.

Additions from sharing with others